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Youngs Barley Wine
This kit makes 24 pints of barley wine. 1kg of sugar needed for fermentation. Also basic brewing ..
Ex Tax: £9.57
Youngs Citric Acid (500 grm)
Ideal for wine making. Imparts a natural, fruity citrus flavour. A substitute for natural citrus ..
Ex Tax: £4.00
Wheat Malt Whole 1KG
It is generally used only in top fermented beers, especially the Bavarian Weiss biers, but can be..
Ex Tax: £1.29
Youngs light spraymalt 500g
Dried light malt Extract - great for all beer styles. Adds extra body and richness. Especially us..
Ex Tax: £2.74
Herkules Pellets 100g
ALPHA 17.6% HARVEST 2013 Herkules is a new high alpha hop variety which is the recent result ..
Ex Tax: £3.33
Youngs Definitive Sauvignon Blanc Style (6 Bottle)
Makes  1 Gallon of White wine with fruity flavors  in around 3-4 weeks. Fermenting suga..
Ex Tax: £6.66
Youngs Wine Tannin (50 grm)
To add zest and help preserve your wine. Usage: 1 level teaspoonful per gallon. Direction..
Ex Tax: £1.25
Youngs Simple Syphon
A syphon with a plastic moulded end that drops into the fermenting bin that helps eliminate the s..
Ex Tax: £2.49
Brambling Cross Pellets 100g
ALPHA 6.1% Widely used for high alpha acid content combined with an acceptable aroma. Pleasant En..
Ex Tax: £3.74
Youngs Definitive White Grape Juice - 245 grm
Grape juice concentrates give your wine body and alcohol content, as a base for your choice of fr..
Ex Tax: £2.71
Youngs Bordeaux White Wine Yeast Sachet (5g)
This yeast confers exceptional depth and complexity to white wines. Perfect for bordeux style whi..
Ex Tax: £1.04
Shrink Capules Metallic Black Shadow (30's)
Shrink wraps for professional homemade wine. Simply pop on the top of the wine bottle over t..
Ex Tax: £1.66
Celeia Pellets 100g
ALPHA 2.1% HARVEST 2013 Triploid hybrid between Styrian Golding and 105/58 hybrid between Aurora ..
Ex Tax: £3.33
Youngs Harvest Bitter
A strongly hopped traditional bitter with a lingering bitterness. Requires 1kg of brewing sugar. ..
Ex Tax: £9.57
Youngs Cream Of Tarter
Useage:14g per Gallon Directions: Dissolve in a cup of hot water and add to must (stir well) ..
Ex Tax: £1.17