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Youngs Pectolase (32g )
Pectolase (Pectolytic Enzyme) is used to break down pectin in wine must allowing pulp fermentatio..
Ex Tax: £1.17
Youngs Simple Syphon
A syphon with a plastic moulded end that drops into the fermenting bin that helps eliminate the s..
Ex Tax: £2.49
Target Pellets 100g
ALPHA 10.5% HARVEST 2013 Widely used for high alpha acid content combined with an acceptable..
Ex Tax: £3.33
Youngs Harvest Lager
A lighter, less strong lager with a crisp, tangy flavour. Makes 40 pints. 1kg of brewing sugar re..
Ex Tax: £9.57
Youngs Burgundy Red Wine Yeast Sachet (5g)
Sufficient for 23 litres (5 gallons). This strain of wine yeast was selected from over 150 av..
Ex Tax: £1.04
Shrink Capules Metallic Black Shadow (30's)
Shrink wraps for professional homemade wine. Simply pop on the top of the wine bottle over t..
Ex Tax: £1.66
Liberty Pellets 100g
ALPHA 4.4% American cousin to Hallertau with very similar flower and spice characteristics, mild ..
Ex Tax: £3.33
Youngs Definitive Grape Juice Medium Dry Red -900 grm
Grape juice concentrates give your wine body and alcohol content, as a base for your choice of fr..
Ex Tax: £6.24
Fuggles Vacuum Packed Leaf Hops (100gs)
Used for both bittering and aroma. Average aau% 4-5% Hops can be added to beer kits to exper..
Ex Tax: £4.49
Youngs medium spraymalt 500g
Rich malt flavour, ideal for bitters. Boosts the beers' natural body and results in a more rounde..
Ex Tax: £2.74
Strawberry and Lime cider kit
Smooth, fruity and sweet - this cider is deliciously drinkable. It is made even more delightful b..
Ex Tax: £17.91
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Fermentation Stopper ( wine stabiliser) 30 grm
Used by wine makers for stabalising and prevention of fermentation after bottling (i.e. stops..
Ex Tax: £1.17
Youngs Vitamin B1 Tablets (100)
To aid healthy growth, particularly in flower wines. Use 1 or 2 tablets per gallon. Crush an..
Ex Tax: £1.66
U-Bends 14"
14" Plastic U-Bends ..
Ex Tax: £0.83
Centennial Pellets 100g
ALPHA 9.9%  Flowers & citrus most evident. A medium aroma with mid to high bittering val..
Ex Tax: £4.99