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Hop leaf cones

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Challenger Hops Vacuum packed (100g)
Mid-size pale green cones with medium Alpha level and good aromatic potential, tending to fresh v..
Ex Tax: £4.99
Perle vacuum packed Hops (100g)
Perle Hops from Germany with a Alpha Acid rating of 4%-7.5% and  a minty,spicy aroma.2013 Ha..
Ex Tax: £4.47
Bramling Cross vacuum packed hops (100g)
Bramling Cross hops are a UK variety with a distinctive aroma and flavor notes that are spicy,bla..
Ex Tax: £3.74
Northern Brewer Hops - 100g Vacuum packed
Medium level alpha and an appealing aroma profile make it an ideal dual-purpose hop. Aroma tends ..
Ex Tax: £3.96
Progress vacuum packed Hops (100g)
Progress Hops are an old English variety with moderate bittering qualities but a robust and fruit..
Ex Tax: £3.96
Centennial Vacuum packed hops(100g)
Centennial Hops are an American variety that are dual purpose with a floral and citrus aroma. Alp..
Ex Tax: £4.99
Admiral vacuum packed Hops (100g)
Admiral hops are a bred from Challenger and Northdown Hops and are a bittering hop with a alpha a..
Ex Tax: £3.29
Motueka vacuum packed Hops (100g)
Motueka Hops are another  New Zealand hop that is dual purpose,very good bittering qualities..
Ex Tax: £5.42
Stella vacuum packed hops (100g)
Stella Hops are a relatively new aroma variety from Australia with a floral character and hints o..
Ex Tax: £4.83
Amarillo Hops- vacuum packed 100g
Amarillo hops are a new American variety wth a alpha-acid rating of 8-11%,Grapefruit,orange aroma..
Ex Tax: £6.16
Aurora vacuum packed Hops(100g)
Aurora Hops (Super Styrians) are a slovenian Hop that is a good dual purpose hop with a low ..
Ex Tax: £2.83
Willamette vacuum packed hops (100g)
Willamette hops are an American hop derived from fuggles hops,they have a mild aroma of woody,..
Ex Tax: £4.16
Pacific Jade vacuum hops (100g)
 Pacific Jade is New Zealand hop that has a high Alpha Acid of 12-14%,with bold aroma of fre..
Ex Tax: £4.16
Apollo vacuum packed Hops(100g)
Apollo Hops are  an American variety with  a high Alpha acid of  15-19% ,very good..
Ex Tax: £3.54
Mount Hood vacuum packed hops(100g)
Mount Hood hops are an American variety derived from Hallertau Mf,mainly used for aroma with a mi..
Ex Tax: £4.21