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Hop leaf cones

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Summit vacuum packed Hops (100g)
Summit Hops are an American variety at the top of the alpha acid list making it great for bitteri..
Ex Tax: £3.66
Simcoe vacuum packed hops (100g)
Simcoe is an American hop that can be used for bittering and aroma.Has a pine or woody aroma with..
Ex Tax: £5.83
Brewers Gold vacuum packed hops
Brewers Gold is good bittering hop with a fruity,blackcurrant and hints of spice in aroma,de..
Ex Tax: £2.63
Cascade Vacuum Packed  Hops (100g)
American variety with aau% of 7-.9%, good for dry-hopping with a grapefruit,citrus character..
Ex Tax: £4.99
Citra vacuum packed hops
Citra is a relatively new hop from America,has a very fruity character suited to IPA or american ..
Ex Tax: £6.66
Crystal vacuum packed hops(100g)
Crystal hops are an American variety with a alpha acid rating of 2.5-5.5% and a mild floral,spicy..
Ex Tax: £4.96
East Kent Goldings Vacuum Packed Leaf Hops (100gs)
Good aroma hop. Aau% about 5.4%,2013 harvest. Hops can be added to beer kits to experiment w..
Ex Tax: £4.49
Phoenix vacuum packed hops (100g)
Phoenix Hops were developed to replace Challenger hops,they are a dual purpose hop with a mild ar..
Ex Tax: £3.13
W.G.V Hops vacuum packed (100g)
W.G.V hops are a UK variety very similar to Goldings but with a hoppier more robust aroma and wit..
Ex Tax: £3.96
Saaz Vacuum Packed Leaf Hops (100g)
Czech pilsner hop. Superb flavour and aroma. Most suitable for lagers,Aa-3%,2013 harvest. Ho..
Ex Tax: £3.83
Chinook vacuum packed Hops (100g)
Chinook is an American variety that is a dual purpose hop with a spice,pine and grapefruit aroma,..
Ex Tax: £4.99
Magnum vacuum packed Hops (100g)
tThese are the German grown variety,mainly used for bittering with a spicy.citrusy character.2013..
Ex Tax: £3.79
Fuggles Hops vacuum packed (100g)
The classic aroma hop for British Bitters and Pale Ales, often used in combination with Goldings...
Ex Tax: £4.49
Pilgrim vacuum packed Hops (100g)
Pilgrim is a traditional UK hop that works well with bitters and pale ales,with an aroma of spice..
Ex Tax: £3.25
Styrian Goldings Hops vacuum packed (100g)
Stryian goldings hops are a fuggle hop grown in Slovenia witn a lemon/lime aroma,2013 Harvest.&nb..
Ex Tax: £4.16