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All grain equipment

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 32ltr Electrim digital mashing bin
Digital Mashing Bin An electronic version of the Electrim Mashing Bin. 32 litre capacity. The con..
Ex Tax: £91.67
30 ltr Mash tun
30 Ltr Insulated mash tun for steeping grain to produce sweet wort. Can mash up to 10 kgs of grai..
Ex Tax: £62.50
40 ltr Stainless Steel Pan + ball valve and hop strainer
Stainless Steel Pan for use with gas hob/burner complete with fitted with tap and a hop strainer...
Ex Tax: £87.50
Immersion Copper wort chiller
copper chiller for rapid cooling of boiled wort. Connect one hose to the cold water supply using ..
Ex Tax: £49.96
Brupaks electric boiler 29ltr
Excellent German made boiler with thermostat. Capacity 29 litres. Power 2000 watts. Complete with..
Ex Tax: £125.00
Brewferm® Beer Brew 25
Brewferm® Beer Brew 25: mashing, filtering and boiling in one kettle! Also available in an advan..
Ex Tax: £375.00